Shop A Docket / The Living Room Cash Jackpot $195,000

Welcome to Cash Jackpot! Your Chance to Play to Win from Shop A Docket and The Living Room

Every week one lucky entrant will get a chance to participate in a guessing game, where they will win a cash prize if they have correctly guessed the winning number for that game*! The prize will jackpot by $5,000 every week the major prize is not won!

Entries close at midnight every Sunday night and the competition has now closed for this week.

Remember to watch The Living Room this Friday night for the next codeword and your next chance to enter.

Check the Winners page for the video from the November 20 episode draw

For more details read the competition overview or the full terms and conditions

If you haven’t registered already you can do so at any time here.
You only need to register once but make sure you remember your registration details
so that you can login each week to enter the codeword and go into the weekly draw.

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